Sexuality is really odd.

It's as if from the day you are born until about the age of thirteen (give or take a few years)you're generally expected to be attracted to, get married and produce a family with the opposite sex. When I use the word generally, I really do mean generally. Some children know they will just never like the opposite sex, whereas other children realise when they are much older. You're probably wondering, how would this sixteen year old boy know this; To be truthfully honest, I went through it myself. 

From the age of about nine, I noticed I was different. Although this is really cliche, I never liked football, or any sport to be perfectly honest. I preferred to hang out with girls than guys: it's not that I didn't like guys (because it's pretty clear by now that I do), it's just that I felt comfortable around girls. I don't really have a reason why. 

Anyway back to the topic of sexuality...

It's quite a grey area, at least in the 21st century. Homosexuality isn't considered to be a taboo anymore, however people's views on homosexuality are very... controversial to say the least. The reason why I tend to not mention my sexuality is obviously due to judgement and prejudice. Although people in my day-to-day life say I'm quite an outgoing person, I'm really not. I'd say I'm quite introverted, and that's probably down to the fear of the majority of people in my life rejecting me because of whom I'm attracted to. A lot of teenage gay guys probably go through the same thing as I do. 

I've accepted my sexuality, after four longs years I accepted it. Although not many people know I like guys, I'm quite happy with my life. I'm working towards getting the grades I need to go to University and simply being a work in the works.

(I'll explain the title of this blog someday).

Let me explain what this blog is actually about. It's really just a space for me to write about anything, a space for me to build myself and better myself. For a while I stopped writing, but recently I suddenly had the urge to write again, hence the creation of this blog. 

Some posts will obviously be serious, some will be fun and relaxed, some will be heartfelt and some will be a mix of the above. 
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